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buzzed, B&W
Bleh, I keep letting Dan sucker me into debates over stupid stuff. Like today, Dan was all jazzed up about the Airport Express. I concurred that it was pretty cool, but I liked it because it can stream music. Dan seemed hung up on the small form factor, so I mentioned there are other products out there that act as repeaters and WAPs in a small package. Anyway, even though the diagram show it acting as a WAP when plugged in to a router, Dan didn't believe it did because there was no image showing the back of the device. So, being the sucker that I am, I spent the last hour or so looking for reviews and things that point out that yes, it does work as a WAP, and that yes, it can plug into a router using a standard patch cable with RJ-45 connectors.

On a side note, I was surprised that this is the only mainstream repeater out there. I realize that many of the Linksys WAPs can be set up as repeaters, but I didn't realize there weren't many stand-alone repeaters out there.

Neither device is very functional as a repeater either in that they only claim to work with their own hardware. I also don't see myself justifying the purchase of such a device. I don't need a portable WAP - maybe if I was a road warrior who stayed in lots of hotels and paid the $10 a day Wayport fees, and then wanted to use my laptop wireless in my hotel room. I'd imagine a 10$ patch cable would cover the room just as well. Not to mention that lots of hotels have wireless now. Anyway, I still think the Express is nice in that it streams music (the print server does nothing for me).

Blah, and by posting this I'm perpetuating it even longer . . . even after I said to Dan "I'm done" . . . silly me . . . *resolves to refrain from such behavior in the future*