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buzzed, B&W
Bleh, I don't like spell check. Okay, I take that back, I like inline spell checking, but I don't like "batch" spell checking. When words are underlined or somehow marked while I'm typing that they're incorrect, then I don't mind fixing them.

I find that with spell checking at the end of writing or before submitting (i.e. in Semagic or Outlook) I usually just end up hitting "ignore" because 90% of the mistakes that are found are from using acronyms, slang, or jargon. Because I'm hitting ignore so quickly, I often end up skipping past mistakes. I wonder if this would be different if I made a high percentage of mistakes. I generally don't make typos, so like I said, I usually have to hit ignore for things that aren't in the dictionary. Now, if I were an atrocious speller, I wonder if I would pay more attention to spell check. I wonder what HCI research suggests . . .


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