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So, this weekend I'm at my brother's school, visiting him, and also meeting with some of my NAESC friends. Had a good time hanging out with NAESC crowd, but was surprised by how much I had to do with them. They were having a meeting for presidents, so since I was up here anyway, and my college government didn't send anyone, I told Jia (the region president) that I'd stand in for them. Had a pretty decent time, except for the latter half of yesterday afternoon, where it was just painful. They were talking about how to raise money for the conference and the region, with out either party screwing the other one over. Anyway, we eventually reached a settlement, but I didn't even listen to the final resolution as I had lost interest.

Last night was a blast though. Got pizza from Papa Del's, then went to a couple UIUC bars. Fun drinking with the group. We all though Louann would be the worst off for the night, but it seems that Tom, who was babysitting her, ended up being the one who passed out in the bathroom, with Louann looking out for him. Had an interesting couple moments with her too, discussing some past moments . . .

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