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So, I took the test this morning. Maybe not as much of a joke as I thought it would be, or maybe it was just because I was double checking my work as I went. I finished with maybe 20 minutes to spare.

So, the woman that was proctoring didn't even check to see what kind of calculators we had. I could have walked in with a TI-92 (clearly banned due to it's QWERTY keyboard) and taken the test. I chuckled silently to myself as the girl who was sitting in front of me, with a TI-82 covered in stickers (probably from high school) and a TI-89, spent the time before the exam reading the TI-89 manual.

There were a few questions I had to think about. One dealt with weather a relationship between numbers was transitive, reflexive, and symmetric. Fortunately, I remembered there were equations and things at the front of the test book, and they defined what the three terms meant with respect to relationships. I think I got it right. The question read along the lines of the relationship R such that x R y is defined if x - y = 7t for some integer t. I said it was transitive, reflexive, and symmetric - hopefully t doesn't have to be fixed at one value.

Another question had two chords drawn in a circle, with the four line segments labeled a, b, c, and d, looking for the relationship between them. I blanked for a bit, not realizing I just had to find similar triangles.

The last question that I spent some time with was f(g(x))=x^2+6. If f'(x)=2, then what does g'(x) equal. I'll leave that one as an exercise for the reader.

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