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Random Update
buzzed, B&W
I went out Thursday night, down in Cinci. Was a good time - had dinner with Dave, met up with Tom and his girlfriend Kelly, then went to Christy's when I was meeting Kate and Sharona. Christen was with them which was a pleasant surprise. Ran into some random people while I was there as well - Drew, Nate, Gwen, Smirti, etc etc.

Last night the male teachers had a steak fry. I'm still adjusting to seeing teachers as people and not as authority figures, but was a pretty good social evening. I then met up with some people at Dunaway's for a drink.

I rode my bike out here to the coffee house, which is only a 4 mile ride, and I was wiped out when I stopped. I was locking the bike up, and I started getting faint. Crazy - it is 81 degrees out, and I did drink last night and I haven't eaten anything, but I didn't even realized I was fatigued. Anyway, just a quick random update.


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