hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

The semester in review

So, for those who don't know, I've been teaching for a little less than a month, picking up for a teacher who left due to medical reasons. One of the classes I teach is Web Page 2, so I decided to look over her final today to see if I needed to review anything. This final is a bit odd though. It's got some lab based stuff, which isn't so bad, but then it's got 50 matching questions, divided into sets of 4 or 5 with 5 or 6 answer choices. So some of them aren't so bad - match image extensions with file types. But then we've got question 17 which states "Most common width for page template tables." What the hell? The answer choices are 580x600 pixels, 640x660 pixels, browser safe colors, interlacing display, and serif. One has to wonder what kind of source that question came from. A google search seems to suggest this information came from Joel Sklar's Designing Web Sites. Ignoring the fact that in his book he seems to mention that the ideal with is between 580 and 600, not 580 x 600, how stupid of a question. I'm sure you can imagine what the other definitions must be like from those answer choices.

Let me say, if I was a student who signed up for Web Design, and this is what I had "learned," I think I'd be slightly miffed.

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