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buzzed, B&W
Just got in to Alburquerque. (Note this probably won't get posted till Wednesday or so since I don't have any Internet access here.) DFW did have Wi-Fi access but I wasn't about to pay $7 so I could use it for an hour. I now have about 5 hours to kill, and absolutely nothing to do.

I've sort of met a lot of the other VISTA's and the most surprising thing to me is their age. I think I'm the youngest here, with the average age of the rest of them being maybe 35-40. I guess I had the perception that most VISTA's were college age since the people I know who've done it are that age, and on a couple of the interviews, the interviewers mentioned that the other candidates were mostly recent college grads. In hind sight, a lot of that is probably due to my applying for technology oriented positions. I was really hoping that there would be a lot of college/young professional age people here for me to hang out with since I haven't had much interaction with people that age for a while.

On a more positive note, I did meet this guy on the airplane who's a recent grad as well and he gave me his number so we'll probably go out and get a drink or something in the next week or so.