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buzzed, B&W
Man, so I had some students turn in other students' work as their own. To raise awareness of the issue of plagiarism, especially in the modern age, I had students read this article and write a one page response. Very interesting. We're having a discussion about the responses tomorrow.

Lots of variety of answers, with many justifying plagiarism in certain cases. I'm going to have to work hard to challenge the students tomorrow to have a good discussion, but it should be fun.

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"Plagiarism" (Chang, 2004)

I'm curious as to how the students justified claiming someone else's work as their own. I can't think of any plausible rationale off the top of my head... Not that I'm looking for justification if I got caught doing it or anything like that because I would never do that, just for, you know uh... the academic debate and logic aspect and uh...trying to reconnect to the mindset of my youth. Yep, reconnecting to the mindset of my youth...

Also, how did the discussion go?

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