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Big Fish
buzzed, B&W
So, I just finished watching Big Fish. What a great movie about the art of the story. The ending reminded me of my friend Justin, who at one point was saying he wanted to be "that guy." You know, the one that you hear some crazy story about like "well, my brother's roommate in college, he . . . " and the story is fantastic and wonderful, but has a hint of plausibility to it, making you wonder who that guy was.

Matt has the movie second on his list of best movies of the year (I think he has Man on Fire as his top choice this year), and I can see why he liked the movie so much.

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Hmm, so awu and I saw the movie a few weeks ago for free in a school lecture hall. We both thought it was pretty terrible. I don't understand why people like it, the guy's stories started out good, but because he stretched all of them, they became boring. If you want to keep them in the realm of plausibility, some should be completely true (or at least not contain dubious moments).

Well, I'm actually surprised as many people liked it as I've heard. I really liked how fantastic it was, and the creativity displayed in the stories.

I also felt that everything was kept in the realm of plausability at the funeral when all the characters showed up. Though one might speculate that the funeral was just another tale, with the son picking up where the father left off.

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