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Dan 0, Ernie 1
buzzed, B&W
So as usual, with both Dan and I being stubborn as mules, we were having a discussion about what came first, iChat or Safari (official 1.0 releases). Safari seems to have been released on June 23, 2003. iChat on the other hand seems to have been released on August 8, 2002. My guess is that Dan will rationalize this and say that he meant iChat AV, which wasn't released till October 10, 2003.

I was surprised to learn that the original release of Safari, back in January of 2003 was just a large scale beta.

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I don't think you can give Dan 0

He did whip your butt in the NCAA baskeball bet... :)



I'm the one that said that Ichat came first. If you recall the discussion started when I said that I hate javascript because it's to hard to make it compatible with safari. But then I said since that many people don't use it, it shouldn't matter. You said that a lot of people use safari because that's the default browser on OS X. I argued that aim is used more even though ichat is the default chat program and you said that Safari had been out longer. Since Ichat came out in 2002 and Safari came out in 2003, I think I was the one that was correct.

Dan 2 Ernie 0

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