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Highest Paid Athletes
buzzed, B&W
So, Dan and I were having lunch today, and we started talking about athletes and I pointed out that I thought Beckham was the highest paid athlete in the world. Dan replied no way, that it had to be A-Rod who recently signed for $252 million for 10 years, or an average of $25 million a year. Apparently that's chump change compared to some of the highest paid athletes. Micheal Schumacher, the F1 driver is paid $36 million by Ferrari. That's not including purses from the races, nor any endorsements. Some estimates but his yearly income at close to $100 million a year. He denies that he makes that much money though. Perhaps some of the more realistic estimates are those provided by Forbes, where they cite Schumacher at $49 million, Jordan at $40, and Woods at $47

Of course, I was way off about Beckham. I think where I got the idea that he was the highest paid was from this article, which states he makes $17 million a year, before endorsements, $35 with endorsements. That article has Woods leading the back, with Schumacher in second.

So, it looks like most places have Woods and Schumacher as the top paid athletes in the world, at close to 50 million each . . . wow.


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