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So I'm at the airport right now using this SurfTable thingy that does free internet. It's a table with a screen in it and two keyboards on opposite sides. While free internet access is kind of nice, the keyboard is severely lacking. It only has a left-shift, as it's a condensed keyboard with a spill proof surface. On the right side where the shift should be there's the up arrow, so when I'm editing long entries like this, and I go to use the shift key, my cursor becomes relocated up a line and I end up typing there. The bigger problem is that where the backspace key usually is, there's a "Flip Screen" key. Those readers who were paying attention will notice I said there is one screen and two keyboards. Anyway, when you hit flip screen, it inverts the display so someone standing on the other side of the table could see it. Seems useless to me, and I don't see why they didn't use a single display. My guess would be that this is designed more for coffee shops (evidenced by the coffee cup images and words such as Expresso, Latte, and Coffee decoratively written on the table. Perhaps they expect you to be surfing the web at the coffee shop while talking to a friend, and when you see something cool, you hit flip screen so they can see it. Personally, I think I'd be hitting it every now and then just to annoy my friend who was trying to do something productive.

Anyway, the whole point of this monologue is that I'm at the airport way too early for a Sunday morning, and I'm bored. I have another half hour or so before I can board my flight. I got patted down since I forgot to take off my watch and belt. Had to take my shoes off too. This is my first time traveling since 9-11 so that was fun. I've got a two hour layover in DFW. Maybe they'll have Wi-Fi access so I can use my laptop there. Or I could fill out all this paperwork I'm supposed to do for AmeriCorps.

Okay, enough typing for now . . . I keep hitting the up arrow, typing a few characters, going to delete them using back space, but instead flipping the screen several times . . . it's a good thing I'm not epileptic or I might be triggering a seizure or two.

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