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Library Changes
buzzed, B&W
Looks like the library I use has finally added online catalog and user features. Not quite as slick as the Springfield-Greene County Library District, but it's nice that I'm now able to check my record, place holds, and renew books online. The system right now is painfully slow. Hopefully that's just because they haven't worked out the server issues, and not because they underestimated the demand and the system is getting swamped.

Edit: Okay, one exapmle of why the Springfield system is better, is that in the Dayton one, you place holds on specific copies of titles, even though you can pick them up at various locations. You also can't see how many holds their are on a particular copy of a book until you place a hold request. In other words, to get a book in the soonest time possible, you'd place a hold on every copy, searching for the one with the least holds. The Springfield system would place holds on titles in general, not specific copies.


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