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So, the last time I subbed at the junior high I noticed they had laptops on a cart acting as a mobile lab between classrooms. Guessing that that meant they had wireless, I brought my laptop and I'm typing on it now. My laptop found the AP, and I guessed at the password (same deal as I did with the Mudhouse), but apparently I can't connect to anything over port 80. Of all things, Yahoo Messenger was able to connect to it's server, but I can't pull up any web pages. Looks like Yahoo is using port 5101, and 1051-1054. Bleh, looks like the only port they've really blocked is 80. I just checked my email.

Looks like the router has a telnet server running, but at least that one has a secure password, or one that wasn't the same as the SSID.

I wonder what the school will think when they see "litlebob" in the logs. Ah well, I'll post this entry later, probably from Nightsky.

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