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Josh Livingston
buzzed, B&W
So, I told Josh I'd plug his webpage. For those who are curious it's at http://www.jettafox.xbuild.com/. It's a very slick looking website. Also, from his weekly newsletter, I was informed that the free COSI levy didn't pass. That's too bad - it's a great museum, and it's a shame that 20% of the residents of the county can't even afford to attend it.

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COSI admission

Even though the levy didn't pass, my sources at COSI tell me that admission will still be free for all Franklin county residents. Evidentally, this was a change that had to be made independent of the levy to secure financial support from government programs. The loss of admissions revenue and the denial of tax funds will cause serious repercussions in the organization; most likely cuts in programs, exhibits and full-time staff and a large portion of the building may be shut down to save on heating and maintainence costs.

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