hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Competition Rather than Courtesy

"The permanent nature of matter in general means that when human beings fight, the victory ordinarily goes to those who have superior weapons, skill, and numbers, evn if their cause is unjust." That's how Mr. Lewis wraps up today's page, after he discusses how it's impossible for everyone to be happy all the time. Might over right.

The post talks about how we should accommodate others, that not everyone can be happy all of the time (in his words, as one person walks downhill, another struggles walking uphill). Reminds me a bit of the conversation I had last night about a friend I have who's very accommodating, perhaps overly so. I believe he gets walked over, and that he needs to start being assertive on some things, so he can find a purpose to life. Marquez would say this applies to me too, that rather than coasting through life, accommodating myself by keeping all the doors open, I'll have to "embrace something with passion."

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