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Bad Gas and tech education

Bleh, I've been lazy about starting the book Marquez got me. I just read my first entry today, and it's titled "Bad Gas." It's an excerpt from Mere Christianity, and it talks about how God is the fuel humans run on, and that if won't run properly on anything else. This running "on the wrong juice" is "what Satan has done to us humans" and is why all human endeavors eventually fail/collapse.

So, first off I didn't realize just how religious Mr. Lewis was. The Chronicles of Narniaapparently are not allegories. Interesting to read that FAQ and realize that Lewis wrote about Aslan w/o intending to retell the Christ tale, but instead just did a "what if" type exercise. "What might Christ become like if there really were a world like Narnia and He chose to be incarnate and die and rise again in that world as He actually has done in ours?"

Anyway, back to the Bad Gas idea. If Lewis is right, I've been running on the wrong gas for 25+ years now. This could explain why I've accomplished no "great" endeavor. I'd like to think that's it's more likely a poor work ethic that has resulted in this, and a lack of motivation. As Marquez wrote in his farewell card to me, it's that I haven't found a passion and embraced it. So, do you need to be running on the right fuel to find a passion? (Not The Passion.) I don't think accepting a faith of any sort will lead to passion though. I think the main problem is my fear of commitment, my fear of losing options and getting stuck in some career/job/endeavor.

Oh, and I've only seen four high school kids (1 girl, 2 girls, 1 boy) come in. Slightly disappointing consider this place is maybe a half mile from the high school.

Exploring the THS webpage, I stumbled upon this kind of neat page. While most of the collages aren't that great (no free form cropping, just rectangles, and no real composition) this is the kind of stuff that should come out of web design classes. Projects that allow students to explore the tools, but let students deal with topics interesting to them. The better ones use degrees of transparency and free form shapes, as one would have in a true collage if you cut pictures out. There are even decent ones that use rectangles in slightly more engaging ways.

Man, I babble a lot here when I'm in coffee houses.

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