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Nightsky Coffee House
buzzed, B&W
So, I'm at the Nightsky Coffee House in Troy. I stopped in here after being at the library doing some research into writing a business plan, mainly to see how this new coffeeshop stacks up. They've got a little blurb about their philosophy/origin, and it's pretty close to what I envision as a coffeeshop. A place for all, that you could play board games at, where book clubs could hang out, and free WiFi. They've got three internet terminals as well, which I think is kind of silly. They're 6 cents a minute or $3/hour. Considerable cost their as they've used mini-itx cases, and 15 inch flat screens with viewsonic keyboards. They've gone for a sleek elegant look, with the black plexiglass cases, the interesting looking monitors, and the slim silver keyboards.I don't think they fit the decor at all.

They have loose leaf tea, which I appreciate, but mainly fruit flavored teas. It did come out in a little tea press, which is kind of nice. (The tea press is similar to this one.) It should be noted that the tea press was already "pressed" by the time I received it.

The decor is relatively nice, where they're going for a hangout type atmosphere, with some couches and things, but it feels too restaurant-ish in the back. It seems that they're doing a decent amount of business, even at 2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. Maybe I'll stick around and see if they draw in high school kids in an hour.

Overall a nice addition to Troy, Ohio, though it isn't quite the destination/hangout type place it could be.


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