hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Superbowl commercials

So, while Janet's Tit has drawn lots of attention away from other things (I'm surprised that Kid Rock wearing a tattered flag with a hole in the middle hasn't drawn any press), the commercials were what I watched the game for. (In fact, no one at the church noticed Janet's exposure.) So any comments on favorite commercials? Looks like this site has the ads in a variety of formats, though the HTML doesn't seem to render right in Mozilla.

I think my personal fave was Pepsi's Purple Haze, featuring a young Jimi Hendrix. Matt thought that the Pepsi/iTunes commercial and the IBM Linux ad were good. I liked almost all of the Budweiser spots: Fergus, Bud Light!, Yelling Like a Ref, Clydesdale Donkey, Horny Talking Monkey, and Wrong Lipstick. I thought Hot Girls Get Carded was dumb. Like a "We Card Under 30" sticker would stop a minor from trying to buy if they went into the store with the intent to buy. I liked the GM spot with the Aveo and the little people, Matt liked the convertible truck with the kids with soap in their mouth. The ONDCP spot was kind of interesting too.

So, anyone have any commercials they particularly liked?

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