hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Man, I thought I had been good about keeping my email from getting spammed, and avoiding MyDoom, but today, it looks like someone at one of the AmeriCorps projects I was looking into got it, and I've got 20+ MyDoom related emails today. Looks like most of them are actual people replying to others with messages about "I just got an email that didn't quite make sense from you, please elaborate . . . " I've got so many of them, since apparently one of the recipients was a listserv someone created for their own needs. ( Amazing.

Some of the posts are wondering how are emails got there. It looks like everyone was a TFA applicant, though I was initially thinking it was from my VISTA application. I wish I knew what listdaemon they were running so I could unsubscribe from it . . .

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