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My brother is not imaginary, nor cheap
buzzed, B&W
So, my brother bought me a LiveJournal coupon, which I didn't plan on using, so I bought him one with mine, as they're not transferable. Anyway, we had this conversation about it:

HairyLunch2 (6:16:04 PM): bought you a coupon with my coupon
HairyLunch2 (6:17:01 PM): i'm so not-tricky
HairyLunch2 (6:17:19 PM): hopefully you get it . . .
Chichiri TC (6:17:28 PM): cool
Chichiri TC (6:17:35 PM): yeah, I was going to say I'll just buy it from you
HairyLunch2 (6:17:41 PM): buy it from me?
HairyLunch2 (6:17:48 PM): i didn't think it was transferable
Chichiri TC (6:17:51 PM): if you want, I'll buy you an imaginary girlfriend
HairyLunch2 (6:17:52 PM): isn't
HairyLunch2 (6:17:57 PM): off of ebay?
HairyLunch2 (6:18:15 PM): I saw listings for imaginary girlfriends on eBay . . . I forget who told me to look for that
HairyLunch2 (6:18:36 PM): and I think I'm creative enough to imagine my own girlfriend w/o you buying me one, don't you?
Chichiri TC (6:19:34 PM): it's not a question of creativity
Chichiri TC (6:19:36 PM): this is real
Chichiri TC (6:19:40 PM): you get real letters and stuff
HairyLunch2 (6:19:40 PM): eh?
HairyLunch2 (6:19:41 PM): lol
HairyLunch2 (6:20:04 PM): save yourself the money and write me letters yourself ;)
Chichiri TC (6:20:46 PM): no, I'd rather buy one
Chichiri TC (6:20:49 PM): my time is more expensive