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So, I just started reading Road trip Nation today. It's the tale of two college guys who during their junior and senior summers, toured the country in an RV, interviewing leaders. I've just started it today, but some of the people they talked to were the founder and CEO of Clif Bar, the CEO of North Face, a guy who works for ILM and won academy awards for special effects in Star Wars, and tons of other people. They just cold called all these people, telling them what they were doing, and getting in. It's a much more inspiring book than What Should I Do With My Life.

So far, the common threads seem to be that everyone says do what you love, that you can't take the safe road if you want to accomplish something meaningful (i.e. getting degrees, standard jobs, etc), and a lot of them took time off between school and "the real world." Of course, most of the people are of the generation where it was the norm to go backpack around Europe, but still, the idea of exploring is sound. The book has me so psyched up to really try and start a coffee house, to be an entrepreneur. Whether I succeed or fail, the experience will be worth it, even if it throws me into debt.

Both books debunk the idea that earning money first so you can do what you want is the way to go. They suggest that by doing that you'll never do what you want. Reminds me of something Matt was saying a while ago. He was telling me how he's bungee jumped three times. He did it literally once, but leaving the military was a huge plunge for him, and I forget the third one. Leaving the military was a big deal, as he was well established, and was even getting personal calls from generals or some other high ups asking him what it would take for him to stay, offering him any post he wanted. Maybe going back to school was the third one? In either case, all the signs are there telling me to jump, that taking the job of an engineer to be an engineer isn't going to cut it. And really, teaching is the same thing - it's not a jump, it's a cushy path to stability, but I don't think that's going to make me happy.

I'm going to have to research what it takes to start a business. I'll have to talk to the Quires (they used to own a Ben and Jerry's, and now a Chinese restaurant). Maybe I'll try and find out how the guys who started the Mudhouse did it. Drew might have contact information for them. I'll have to find someone to talk to about coffee and such drinks.

Man, that book just has me so jazzed.

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