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So, the YMCA I work out at has been undergoing renovations. They've redone the locker rooms, and are redoing the levels, with the 1st level being the lobby, the 2nd is now the strength training area, while the 3rd is cardio, and the 4th is offices. On the 2nd and 3rd floor they're also putting in a climbing wall. Of course, like any major construction project, this one has run behind schedule, by close to half a year now. The new weight area opened today.

They have new machines, Cybex Eagle for those who care. I've used older Cybex machines before, as they're pretty common place, but the Eagle line is their top of the line stuff.

Very nice machines, though the color choice is odd. The ones the Y has are purple framed with yellow pins. The yellow pins are nice as it's easy to see exactly what is adjustable. I like the bench machine as each arm is semi-independent, so it's almost like using dumbbells. All the machines are nice though, with lots of adjustability to get proper ranges of motion. And, like anything, it's the little things that make the difference. There are lots of little pneumatic pistons so it's easy to adjust heights and things, as everything is counterbalanced. They also put in an assisted dip/pullup machine, so I'm going to try and figure out how to work that into my routine (which is pretty small anyway).

Only real negative today was having to learn the new machines, and figure out what kind of weight I should be using. Machines are getting better and better, but there's still a little variance between companies, and even within companies and their product lines.


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