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(no subject)
buzzed, B&W
HairyLunch2 (1:55:03 PM): the iPod mini
HairyLunch2 (1:55:06 PM): it's cute
HairyLunch2 (1:55:06 PM): http://www.apple.com/ipodmini/
Other Person (1:55:38 PM): i dont download songs anymore
Other Person (1:55:41 PM): and they are cute
HairyLunch2 (1:55:43 PM): see
HairyLunch2 (1:55:44 PM): i told you
HairyLunch2 (1:55:52 PM): i don't really download much anymore either
Other Person (1:55:56 PM): im afraid

Wow, so yes, several sites yesterday were talking about the Pew study talking about the decline in music downloads, but this is the first I've actually heard of it affecting someone . . .

Oh, and I apologize for the weird formatting of the AIM conversation, but that's the way DeadAim logs AIM