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(no subject)
buzzed, B&W
Wow, haven't posted for quite a while - I've heard that one of my readers just likes to hear about my drinking and stuff like that. Unfortunatly, my New Year's Eve has no good stories. Went down to Cinci, hung out with my friend Brian at a party across the river. There were some attractive girls there, but they were all so young. I did get to see an aquaintance of mine, who I was surprised to hear was doing AmeriCorps*NCCC. Unlike my experience with VISTA, she's loving it.

Drank a bit, played some ping pong, and generally avoided the girls (they were all around 21) and I just thought they were immature. I do give credit to Jay, a guy I graduated with, who turned down a girls advances. The girl was reasonably attractive, and was throwing herself at him (kissy faces, "just kiss me," etc etc) but he didn't give in to temptation. I'm not sure if this is because the girl is a roommate of his sister's, or because he knew that it wouldn't have been more than a one night fling. Either way, I give him credit, because even though the girls there were young and immature, if they had offered themselves to me, I would have caved. I love when girls make the first move.