hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

This post made me laugh. Specifically
At concerts, instead of using lighters, fans raise their cell phones, and snap away - despite the standard ban on cameras - and hold them up so their buddy at home can hear, something referred to as a "cellcert".
I laughed because when my brother and I went to see Dashboard and I think Brand New asked the crowd to hold up lighters, or if they didn't have them to use their cell phones. I asked my brother if he'd ever seen this before, and he said no and then scoffed at the idea and how retarded it was. I on the other hand thought it was kind of cool (I'm a sucker for changing technology, even if the progression from lighters to cell phone screens might result in a loss of ambiance). I just think it's cool to see social norms changing as the result of technological evolution.

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