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So for those of you who don't know (I say that like people read this), I've been substitute teaching at my high school. I've been a long term sub, filling in for a math teacher who resigned. I actually have kind of a cushy job, as I only have to teach 3 classes, as opposed to the regular six. The other 3 periods are filled by two other teachers who happen to be free those periods. I teach two classes of Algebra and one Alg/Geo class which is the low level freshman class.

Now, all that long lead in is so I can babble about my frustrations. I really do like my Algebra classes, as I've done some fun real-world stuff with slope-intercept. My Alg/Geo class is a struggle as I end up playing disciplinarian more than teaching. In both cases though, I question my effectiveness as a teacher. Yes, I'm new at the job, but looking through the grades and quizzes, I'm realizing either I'm a crappy teacher, moving too fast, or something else along those lines. The cynic in me thinks I only have 7 more days of teaching left, so who cares? The other part of me though is afraid I've done these students a dis-service (sp?), rather than helping them. I'm probably better than the alternatives they had of bringing in a non-math sub, but my lack of formal training in education is rather apparent. I think my pace would work if I had had the kids from the beginning but their past teacher crippled them. Oh well . . . .

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