hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

My bloody knee

So, Monday night I tore up my left knee while playing indoor. The place I play redid the indoor field during the summer, and I think it's FieldTurf, same as Nippert Stadium. Anyway, for those who aren't familiar with the stuff, it's closer to real grass than your typical AstroTurf, as it's got blades of grass, and perhaps the most defining trait is the little bits of rubber in it. Click here for some details, though the page is poorly designed, and doesn't have a good schematic drawing of the stuff.

The stuff is definitely easier on the skin than regular turf when you fall on it as it's much less abrasive, as you're not falling on a near sandpaper-like surface, but instead plastic blades of grass. Anyway, I somehow fell on the grass so it skinned my knee. I didn't notice in the heat of the game, but when I went to sit for a bit, a teammate pointed out that I was bleeding. I didn't think anything of it - figured it was just a standard skinned knee. Bleh, how wrong I was. Yesterday I'm sitting at my table, messing with the computer when I suddenly feel this pain in my knee. I don't look at it, thinking it's just mental, and I've psyched myself out. I eventually have to itch my shin, and when I do, I realize my knee is bleeding and oozing some not-quite-clear fluid (I wouldn't call it pus). Stupid knee. Anyway, it's still really tender, and it hurts when I bend my leg, and I've been limping a bit as I try to keep from bending it, and causing the still forming stabs to tear and result in more oozing and bleeding. I caved and bought bandages for it too. It's not going to be pretty next Monday . . .

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