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So, as mentioned previously, I wanted to discuss part of my weekend. We went up to a cabin on the lake. I thought we'd have some good social time with some good conversations (along with plenty of drinking). I should have known better. They ended up plopped down in front of a TV, while I kept hinting we should do something else. Part of me does wonder why we bothered driving 1.5 hours to a cabin, when all we really did was drink and watch TV. I think we could have done that in Springfield.

Anyway, the real thing that bothered me was while we watched an episode of South Park titled "All About Mormons" (Episode 712 for those who are curious). Anyway, the issue is about a Mormon family moving into South Park, and Stan learns about the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, and makes fun of the religion by pointing out how people accepted Joseph Smith's words with no proof, as in no one saw the golden tablets. Now, one of the guys I was with, kept getting very agitated about the episode, saying that Mormon's are crazy, and their beliefs are wacko. The Mormon family was also portrayed as a near-perfect family, and being very welcoming and tolerant of others. Another stereotype, and the guy was like "yeah, all Mormon's really are like that" in all seriousness, but he kept ranting about how crazy and stupid they were for believing in the crazy beliefs. He kept making all these gross generalizations about Mormons, though it sounded like his only exposure was to one kid he graduated high school with. Granted my experience with them isn't much broader (kid I went to high school with, a family that's ex-Mormons, and the two missionaries on the UC campus), but I'm not going to lump them all together and say that their beliefs are crazy.

My one attempt at diffusing the situation was saying "their beliefs aren't any crazier than believing that a man died and rose from the dead 3 days later." He didn't say anything, and just ignored the statement. By crazier, I really meant irrational, as to accept either (or most any religion for that matter), it's a leap of faith.

This lead me on a tangent wondering how things might be different if the Mormon church had existed for as long as Christianity, Judaism, or even Islam. The Mormon church has existed for a little less than two centuries. This page does a nice job of analyzing the growth rate of the Church, and points out that it's growing slower than Islam. (The page is written by an ex-Mormon, and has much anti-Mormon bias, but it's well cited.) Perhaps they haven't reached critical mass, or maybe their belief isn't the "true" religion. I do wonder how their growth rate compares to the early years of the other major religions, as the article above only compares modern day growth of Islam vs. LDS - and even though it's using percentage growth, I do think it's a bit like comparing apples and oranges, or maybe apples and pears.

I was more offended by the blatant prejudice against a religion than anything else, but this is the same guy who's truly angry and yelling at a TV when his football team isn't performing, and who has no idea how to deal with kids.

And I still want to post about my TFA interview . . .

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