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So, poverty and the sympton of it are cyclic - children raised in poverty rarely make it out of poverty. Programs like AmeriCorps are designed to break this cycle, and get people out of poverty. There's definitely a part of me that wonders if this is possible, or if it's a lost cause. The engineer in me feels that there will always be people who are uneducated, resourceless, and just want to use the system - in this case the system being the fact that there will always be people wanting to help, to provide social services to the "poor."

Is it possible to eliminate apathy? I wonder if there are communitities where poverty truly has been eliminated, and if so, how? How did they get rid of those who are content to freeload? Or those who are content being bums? In other words, how did they satisfy Marx's quotation: "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs?" One might argue that we're there already, that the ability of many of those who choose to live in poverty is miniscual, so we fill their basic human needs and that's it. (Okay, so that's a very tenuous argument, but it could be made.)

Makes me wonder why I want to be a teacher, when the odds of my having any significant impact are slim to none. So, let's say I do "save" a handful of students - I'm guessing another handful will fall down to fill the void they left as they climbed the ladder to "success."

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