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buzzed, B&W
So, my brother won an X-Box as a door prize. For a while he was debating eBay-ing it. I suggested he give it to me. I don't think he likes that idea.

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I've decided to keep it and I opened it a few hours ago[1]. So far, it's just an expensive jukebox.[2] No time tonight to play amped. Also, I'm going to try to exchange NFL Fever 2003 for a real game.

--Tony (

[1] It is now 2am, CST. Also, I had left the new X-Box on the center of my apt for the past two days. I think the landlord was in my apartment showing it to someone (potential people who'll live in these units). Heh, I bet it was pretty funny of them to see an unopened X-Box in the middle of the floor.

[2] Why doesn't the X-Box play the CD while it's making WMA files? Really, it wouldn't be hard to do. I had to wait like 20 minutes for it to rip the thing before I could listen to the music.

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