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I love Blogcritics
buzzed, B&W
As mentioned previously, I'm a big fan of Blogcritics these days. It's part of my morning routine once I get to work: heat up a glass of water, kick my computer for needing to be restarted since WinME somehow ate all the system resources overnight, reboot the machine, and then start up FeedDemon and read various RSS feeds.

So, Colorado Sen. Ron Teck (state Senate, not US Senate) is proposing eliminating senior year, since many students have enough credits to graduate after junior year. The blogcritic writer believes that this is a bad idea, since it would cost jobs and lead more students to alcoholism at college due to immaturity, and thinks that instead the schools should offer challenging higher level classes, and have the students work with younger students as peer mentors. I don't know enough about Colorado's school system to know whether this makes sense, but I am glad to see radical ideas being considered. Interestingly, Florida has a system in place that allows people to apply to college with 18 credits, rather than 24, allowing students to skip their senior year.