hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Again, from reading BlogCritics, I found this interesting link . . .

It's a site where people post anonymous confessions. It's weird reading them as you have a strange sense of voyeurism, but also on some of them a weird "I can relate" type feeling. Some confessions from said site:

  • I ate meat during the first 21 years of my life.
  • I don't like my uncle, and i don't want to help him find his brother that he haven't seen for over 20 years because of just the fact that i don't like him.
    I feel guilty about it sometimes.

  • i love my girlfriend dearly but she doesn't love me back, it's the worste feeling in the world.
  • I found two years worth of Science tests, and people in my class always wonder why i do so well, when i do nothing in class.

    To counter this, i try to study..

    man, I'm so productive in the mornings . . .
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