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Weather and heating
buzzed, B&W
It's weird - Yahoo's forecast has it getting up to 69 on Tuesday, when the highs lately have been in the 50s. Interesting warming trend, especially for November. So, I wonder how many people have turned the heat on in their domiciles. I haven't turned the heat on, and my apartment has ranged from around 65-70 the past week when the temperatures have been dipping down close to freezing at night. Part of me wonders how my apartment is staying so warm. I realize the hallway is heated, and some of my neighbors and stuff probably have the heat on, but doesn't seem like it'd be enough to create the differential between the apartment temperature and outside.

On a side note, I went to speak at a Boys and Girls Club of Springfield luncheon, talking about their quality evaluation which I participated in. Ended up that someone ended up saying that I spoke well, and used some big words. I keep getting this - do I really use that many words that aren't part of most people's vernacular? (Yes, vernacular was used tongue-in-cheek). Looking over this post I've used domicile, vernacular, and perhaps differential . . . nothing too odd . . . or maybe they are?