hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Extremist Geeks

So, I recognize the world needs people who take extreme positions, but man, last night was painful at times. I hung out with people who went to the LUG:NG meeting. We went to Chili's and talked, and wow, were there a lot of holier-than-thou attitudes and hand-waving proofs used as arguments.

We had people thinking it'd be a good idea to strip out all attachments from emails, and have users contact the sysadmin asking for permission to get attachments. Others who thought that having computers locked down to the degree where end-users couldn't install or run non-authorized programs was a good idea.

And one guy, who's performance evaluation said something like "combative and confrontational" or something, and everyone laughing at his anecdotes. Yes his anecdotes were humurous, but there was definitely a reason he got such a review, and his behavior was still combative and confrontational. For example, he had to support one user who kept using their cd-rom drive as a cup holder (the user knew that that wasn't the purpose, but it was convenient as it freed up space on his desk). He'd have to go in and replace the guys drive on a regular basis as the motor would burn out. Eventually he went in, took the old drive, the guys mouse and keyboard, and just left. So yeah, that's kind of funny, but is approving of such puerile behavior a good thing?

There is a reason sysadmins are often seen as evil, and some of these people were the epitome of why.

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