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Long babbling

So, my costume this Halloween has a human mammogram. I got my Dad to send me his old stethoscope and some old scrubs, and made a box that had a hole cut in the front and labelled the box with "Free breast exams!" and "Insert Breasts Here" with the appropriate arrows. Got a lot of laughs, which was the whole point of the costume. I did have a girl ask me to grab her breast while they took a picture, which made me slightly uncomfortable. I just can't grab random strangers breasts. It's just not right.

Saturday I had to give three presentations. My one on public speaking was perhaps the best one. Lots of people, good audience participation, and good evaluations.

Today I was over at a friend's boss' place for dinner. The owners of the house aren't there, but as my friend is a nanny, the two children, 13 and 10 are there. Another one of the people there is this guy who I hand out with a lot. He's got some maturity and temper issues. We're watching the Rams vs. the 49ers on TV, and he's getting upset, and I mean truly upset, about the game, and thinks the Rams are getting bad calls, etc etc. He has a bit of restraint in that the 10 year old girl is starting to bother him, so he goes and tells the nanny that she's not behaving. (She was being a standard 10 year old, wanting some attention, but not doing anything that I would label as misbehaving.) I think he could have handled the situation much better, and dealt with the girl on his own, rather than getting the nanny to do it. After she's gone, his frustration and temper truly come out and he's cussing up a storm to the television, not good naturedly, but in true anger.

I get fed up with this and go play some foosball and battleship with the girl, and have a good time playing with the well behaved child. The guy's temper comes out again when we're eating (salad and lasagna). There's some parmesan cheese we're using, and while I'm using it the 13 year old taps the container, making me spill a small (less than a teaspoon) amount of cheese. He did it as a joke, saying something like "Come on, let me help you" as the cheese wasn't coming out well. The guy then yells at the kid, gets up, takes the cheese, opens it to the spoon thing, and dumps it on the kid's lasagna, saying "I'm just helping you." What the hell.

We're talking later and the guy acts like this behavior was totally acceptable, that the 13 year old had no respect. Whatever, first off the kids is thirteen, and I had been talking and joking with him, so he felt comfortable with me. It wasn't a lack of respect, it was that he saw me as a peer. Ignoring all that, what kind of role model are you by acting like a little kid and doing it back to him when you're visibly aggravated? I don't understand why the guy was aggravated in the first place.

This guy keeps wierding me out. He's engaged, and Saturday night at the club, he ends up leaving early with his fiancee, and she's crying because of something he did, and he ends up pulling her away when one of the girls is trying to talk to her and figure out what's wrong. Oh, he's also the guy when we were discussing Bush and the war and stuff, decides that since people don't agree with his opinion, that he needs to yell to get his point across. Again, visibily angry and aggravated, his temper flying out of control. Believe it or not, you can carry on a civil conversation, and realize that different people will have different opinions.

Anyway, a positive aspect of the weekend was hanging out with Trish. I met her last weekend, but this weekend we had some good conversations, first on Friday night after the bars at Ziggie's, and then last night after the bars. Last night she mainly told me about her relationship history and stuff. No attraction between the two of us, at least not that I know of, even though the nanny gave her permission to hook up with me. Still, I think I enjoyed it since I miss having conversations, since the people I hang out with now don't do conversations. . .

blah, what a rambling post . . .

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