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Weird times
buzzed, B&W
So I went to Cinci last night for pub crawl. I really thought the alcohol would hit me pretty hard since I haven't been drinking since Halloween. The alcohol definitely hit me hard, but not the way I was expecting it to. I was fine last night, but this morning I had a slight headache and was dehydrated. Mainly my fault for not eating or having water last night. The weird thing was though at around 12:30 this afternoon, I just ended up puking up the water I had been drinking and a cookie I'd eaten at like 11:30. It was odd.

On a more professional note, I think my old high school is trying to get in touch with me to hire me for a "substitute" teaching job. I emphasize substitute since in reality they're looking for a now to end of year type deal. I think I'm going to decline though, since I'm still dealing with a lot of AmeriCorps stuff, talking with a couple different locations. (Chicago, Springfield, MO, and Columbus, OH) The Chicago one is doubtful, as it was about a 10 minute conversation, and it sounds like they're really looking for a networking person, and while I can set up a LAN, I don't know anything about security and larger scale networks. The Springfield one I have to email the guy back about. The position is a after school co-ordinator for a computer lab. The guy had this in his email.

> You sound very much like one of my twin sons who were born in 3/79. They are both in graduate school. One in Indianapolis and one in Columbia,
MO. I have 4 good applications that I'm looking at.

Now I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I assume he likes his sons, and that it's a compliment, but you never know. I do appreciate his honesty though, and telling me how many applicants there are.

The Columbus one (TechCorps) had me psyched as I had like a 1.5 hour phone interview with them, and it's a management type position, where you have to organize volunteers to train students and educators on uses of technology. They then sent me this article they wanted me to summarize, and had me send in some writing/creativity samples for written communication skills.

Ah well, who knows . . . if it happens, it happens, but I guess I'm expecting something to happen since I am turning down the "substitute" job.

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That's too bad. Teaching HS would be fun. Maybe you could work until you get something else? Try telling them what your plans are and see if they're still interested.

Also, you're a lush.

--Tony (, the only person who posts comments on your page

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