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Random memory
buzzed, B&W
Interesting how the screwed up sleep cycle brings out my desire to blog.

Over six years ago, I was sitting in a classroom at UC for freshman orientation. They were doing this session on diversity and stereotypes, and we were all seated in a circle, and they had this one part where they had us stand up if we met the criteria, ie: Have you been discriminated against? Anyway, one of the questions was Are you a non-Christian? They then went around the circle, and asked people what they were if they were non-Christian. I was last (being an agnostic/atheist), and they went around the circle with a few Jews, Muslims, and Hindis (I was surprised that there were no other agonstics or atheists, along with the fact that there were no other religions represented).

Now get this, the girl right before me says "I'm Catholic". There's this awkward pause of a few seconds, where everyone is just looking at her, and she fills the gap by giggling or something and saying how her familie has always been Catholic, and then sits down. I then say I'm an atheist and I sit down.

Someone please explain to me how you can be so ignorant as to consider yourself Catholic but not realize that Catholicism is a part of Christianity? Bleh, stupid girl. I wonder how she did at UC . . .


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