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mmm . . . and the things one turns up when they can't sleep
buzzed, B&W
This article is fun. From the article:
While procrastination may not be good for grades or working with early type people, it may have a beneficial role for productivity in society. An early person may have more time to get something done, so they wait for their focus to build before working. The procrastinator will be forced to work against the clock, and, in the end, will usually become more time efficient with their work. This allows the procrastinator to accomplish more tasks, because the procrastinator spends less time on the task at hand. If procrastination is partially beneficial, the bias in school toward non-procrastinators may be one reason that grades do not correlate well with success in the work field.
Apparently, my procrastination is good for the mankind. Anecdotally, I agree with the conclusions the author draws in that I know in school I could turn out work of a high caliber (usually A's), in a fraction of the time it took my friends.

I also like the piece since it seems to be a decently researched piece presented on the WWW, that does a good job of using hyperlinking, the backbone of the WWW. Lots of links in the text, linked sources, graphs and tables, etc etc. This is how the WWW should be used for scholarly papers. Without linking, rather than a web, we're going to have a ferris wheel or something, with google at the center and everything else at the end of a spoke, connected to maybe two other sites. I don't really see this as bad for the commercial aspects of the web, but it will hurt the scholarly part.