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buzzed, B&W
Hmm, so Moby wrote this bit for the New York Time titled A High That Wouldn't Hurt (you probably need to register to view that link). Interesting little piece about how while we can put a man on the moon, we can't come up with drugs that don't have addictive or toxic effects. I'm not sure if making them non-addictive is possible though. You might be able to make them so that you're not physically addictive, but one could easily become mentally addicted to a drug, just like people become mentally addicted to gambling. Still, not a bad idea. Oh, and the article is in a collection of pieces by the NYT Circuits - "Eleven prominent men and women, few of them technologists, suggested a technology or gadget they would like to see invented."

William Gibson's got one I like as well, while Margaret Cho just ran with the idea and took it to the extreme. She set no limits when she wrote the piece, I do respect her chutzpah for turning something so fantastic into the New York Times. The rest of the ideas didn't really spark my fancy - some of the others talk about a portable Tivo, noise cancellation, telepathic communication, bionics, and convergence.