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buzzed, B&W
So, while I brushed my teeth a minute ago, I was thinking about my old roommate and stuff. He didn't like frequenting bars as often as I did (I probably went 3-5 times a week senior year). I think the reason I enjoy bars is that it's excellent people watching. Watching people at bars and clubs when their inhibitions have been lowered by the alcohol makes their behavior that much more interesting. Granted, a lot of it is just people trying to hook-up, but that's as valid a part of human nature as any other.

I do miss the opportunity to have good conversations though. My old roomie and I would have good conversations, and that's something I don't get a lot of here in Springfield - I try to IM friends every now and then, but it's just not the same.

Oh, and I went to the planning "meeting" of the LUG that I was complaining about, and I now realize why the meeting sucked. They spent almost no time planning, and ended up having tons of tangent conversations, while accomplishing almost nothing. They're also planning sessions based upon what they think they'd like, rather than what the general member might desire. This is like the choir singing for itself on Sunday morning, rather than for the congregation. I do appreciate that at least one person listened to my suggestion that they need to take a survey or solicit feedback somehow so that they can plan future sessions better.