hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Silly Quiz

Ripped from a friend's xanga:


Favorite Place to eat - Currently it's this joint called the Noodle House - opened about a month ago, and it's the best ethnic food I've found in Springfield - good Vietnamese, and it's affordable
Favorite Burger - Fudrucker's - I love how you can customize with their plethora of toppings
Favorite Pizza - I don't really have a favorite here - pizza is pizza
Favorite Italian Restaurant - again, no favorite
Favorite Chinese Restaurant - I don't know if I have a favorite, but the last good Chinese I had was in Rolla - don't remember the place
Favorite Mexican - Chipotle - I know it's Tex-Mex, and I know it'll kill me, but it's cheap and filling

Waffle House
Best way to get your hashbrowns - I like them all ways
Best time to eat at WAHO - after the bars have closed
Best People to eat there with - other night owls


Currently driving - 2000 Civic Sedan EX
Financially Possible Dream Car - Audi TT (though this depends on how you read the question, as in financially possible in my life time, or at the moment); a used BMW is much more financially likely, but I plan on owning a TT at some point in my life
Money is not an issue Dream Car - Ferrari of any sort
Favorite SUV - I don't like SUVs
Favorite Sedan - A sporty German sedan - again, BMW and Audi are well respected in my book


Favorite Sport - Soccer
Favorite Sport to watch on TV - soccer
Favorite Sport to play - soccer (notice a trend)
Favorite Card Game - probably spades
Favorite Video Game - hmm, I'm currently playing a bit of Diablo II


Favorite Movie - Princess Bride
Favorite Television Comedy - Seinfeld (though recently Frasier has been amusing)
Favorite Animated Comedy - The Simpsons
Favorite Drama - The West Wing
Favorite Anime Series - don't have one
Favorite Childhood Show - Transformers


Most likely to hear me say - "I don't know"
Pet Peeves - ignorance
Greatest Weakness - shyness
Greatest Strength - intelligence

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