hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Mini Roadtrip

So, I drove up to Urbana yesterday to visit my brother and go to the Dashboard/MXPX show. The show was mediocre, and I felt that MXPX play an extremely short set. They played mainly old stuff; it made me feel old that people didn't recognize their older stuff.

The evening got much better once we met up with an old friend from high school. We went to UNO's and chatted. I think Chicago's been good for the guy, as he seemed to be much more confident, and less wishy washy than in the past.

I also made the observation that while my brother and I have many differences, that perhaps our similarties are stronger. In hindsight, that may be wrong. My brother believes things to their extreme, that any form of prejudice is wrong, supports extereme feminist groups, etc etc. I believe such extremism marginalizes the issue, making the average person think that it's yahoo's advocating, rather than taking the issue for what it is. Differences define us as a society, whether it be age, gender, race, etc. If we can't make fun of these differences, why bother having differences? Part of me feels if you applied everything my brother believes, we end up in a boring, stale world. I could even see the application of such extermists positions ended up in a world like Hitler wanted, where everyone is just the same. Back to the contrast between my brother and I - I'm much more of a pragmatist, believe in capitalism, recognize that prejudice isn't great, but also accept that it will always exist in some form or another, etc.

As for our similiarties, I may have been wrong. We both grew up in the same house, attended the same school, and had overlapping friends, but we grew up different. He was pretty active in the Korean church group, while I was violently opposed to attending church in any form. The similarties that we have would be we're both Korean, intelligent, and individuals. I think we both respect each other, even if the voice dial on his phone refers to me as "stupid brother."

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