hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Drama Filled Nights

We went out last night and a female friend had brought down a guy she was seeing from Columbia/Jeff. City. Anyway, she danced with other guys at the club all night, and didn't dance with him at all. The guy kind of wandered on over towards her a couple times, but didn't want to cut in on any of the dances. Anyway, they ended up getting in a big fight over this later, her saying that she wasn't his bitch, and him saying that since she brought him down, she should have been entertaining him.

We went to an after-party after Remington's closed, and the two ended up fighting all night. The whole fiasco didn't work out till about 3:30 so I didn't get home till 4. Not a bad night, but not one of the best nights eiether . . . .

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