hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Dad's new car

My dad has a new car. He got an Acura MDX, which now means my parents have matching cars. Her's is a tan color, while his is a deep blue. My Dad's though is the top of the line touring package with navigation system and DVD entertainment system. The navigation system is pretty slick, and he used it a lot to find the restaurants we were going to eat at and stuff. The entertainment system is pretty slick too. It has wireless headsets for the passengers (which are IR so line of sight dependent, so anyone in the front of the vehicle can't hear). The rear also has a separate tuner, so that they can listen to different music than those in front, and there's even a remote control. All really slick, but why now? It's not like there's anyone that's going to be sitting in the backseat now that my parents live alone

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