hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Halloween Costumes

All right folks (that's all two of you who read this or so) I need some ideas for an All Hallow's Eve costume. I've seen some pretty good costumes in the past, but I can't use them since they've been done before. Some of the ones my friends have done were:
  • Fallopian Swim Team: This was one of my friends trademarks. He'd always go out and get one of those white papery paint suits, stick a tail on it, and put on a white hat. Presto! Instant spremazoa.

  • Human Mammogram: This was a great costume. Guy put on some scrubs, a stethoscope, and a cardboard box over his head. The box had two big holes cut in the front, and he had hooked up a light to the top of the box. On the box he had statements such as "FREE BREAST EXAMS" and "INSERT BREASTS HERE" over the two holes. Even ended up winning some cash in a costume contest, along with getting flashed by some girls.

  • Fred Flintstone: Now this wasn't really the greatest of costumes, but the guy had a lot of fun with it. Being a total cheese ball, he kept going up to random girls and saying cheesy pick up lines like "Baby, I'm Fred Flintstone, and I can make your Bedrock!"

  • Marching Band: Some kids last year found these old marching band uniforms, and they all went out together in them. Very simple, but very effective too

If I don't get any good ideas, I'm going to try the costume I did my senior year in high school, where I was in drag with a leather mini-skirt and jacket. The only problem with this is I'm not sure I'll be able to fit into the outfit anymore as it was all a size six.

Anyway, I'd appreciate if people would leave comments with ideas . . .

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