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So I was reading another blog, and thought of a little bit more to say . . .

Social circles are interesting, and the whole six degrees of seperation thing is amazingly true. This was apparent numerous times. I went with one of my friends to a house party Saturday night, not knowing anyone who lives there. Now realize, this is my friend who's a golfer, and not an engineer (which is what most of my college friends are or were). We get to the party, and I spend maybe an hour just people watching, not really drinking since I'm pretty tired, and not quite in the mood to drink cheap beer that's not quite cold enough. Anyway, eventually I run into some ChemE's that I know, who happen to have with them a girl who I apparently met during Labor Day, who's my old roommate's cousin. I ended up talking with her for quite a while about her family, since that was the big connection.

The other reason I mention social circles is some of my friends mentioned how I seem to know everyone. I don't think I really know that many people, but before we went to the afore mentioned party, my friend and I walked to a house to meet other friends before the party. We walk out my friend's front door, and this girl calls out "ERNIE!" and I had no clue who she was (because it was dark, not because I didn't know her). So we chatted with her, then 4 houses down the street, some more guys I know say hi to me, so my friend is thinking I just know everyone. Oh well. Those connections don't hurt though. Both of them knew of parties that I stopped by and said hi to people at. Felt bad for the guys though. They decided this year to throw a 10 kegger, as last year their 8 kegger was out of beer by 1:30AM. Now these are guys who when they throw a party, they throw a party. They decorated their whole basement with this glow in the dark cob web stuff, had blacklights, and they all had great costumes. They also had a big tent out back, like you'd find at an outdoor wedding reception or something, with vinyl "walls" and one of those big heater deals, the kind that look like a little jet engine. They also make sure to play good music throughout the night, and this is one of the few parties where it's not just people standing around talking to each other or playing drinking games, there's actually dancing going on. Very cool. Now, the reason I feel bad for these guys is that they only went through 6 of the kegs, because the cops kept showing up as one of their neighbors kept calling. Thie cops even said that the party wasn't loud, but they had to show up because the guy kept complaining.

I don't know how I feel about that. I feel that individuals are entitled to do whatever they please, as long as they don't infringe on someone else's rights. Granted, the revellers at the party were infrining on the neighbors right to peace and quiet, but he then infringed upon our right to enjoy ourselves in a reasonable manner. The party was quiet; the tent wasn't really used because they tried to keep people inside for noise reasons. I feel that the good of the many (the partiers) should have been more important than the good of the few (the neighbor, who in his defense, may have an infant child). Of course, I'm biased as I was one of the people at the party, and was slightly inconvenienced as I tried to help the guys out at the party, making sure people left in an orderly manner when they did leave so as not to further upset the neighbor.

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