hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

I should be a secretary

Maybe I should become a secretary/personal aide. Granted, my engineering degree makes me over qualified, but I'm good at it. Maybe it's just cause I'm reasonbaly good at following directions, but also will take initiative when I see that something just sucks. My reasonably thorough knowledge of computer applications also makes me think I'd be good at it.

I write this mainly since we only have one secretary today - we usually have three, one had a baby on Sunday, and the other is on vacation - keeps asking me computer questions. Like how to make a new worksheet in Excel, how to move text boxes in Publisher, etc etc. She also lacks any initiative. Like she's in charge of finding a place for our X-mas party, and someone told her to call and find out about 35 people. We have maybe 15 people in our office, and I don't know how many are over at the Annex, let's just say 10 for arguments sake. That's 25 people, throw in some spouses and children, and we're at maybe 50. That's assuming we have full attendance. That's not going to happen. I'll be surprised if we have 20 people out there.

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