hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

School Spirit

So, I went down to UC for homecoming this weekend. I had a great time but realized a number of things.

First, I may be getting too old for this. Not in the "getting too old for this" manner that's been mentioned in the past (where one is too old for such behavior because society might frown upon it), but rather in the "my body can't handle drinking for 48 hours straight and only getting 4 hours of sleep." My friend and I were at the bar before the football game and talking, looking at all the parents and alum who were also drinking, and joking about "Can I do this in 30 years?" Being a great friend, her response was "Only if you bring me."

Second, my high school was a pretty small place. I ended up at this party for a little bit to say hi to my step-sister, and a few of the guys who lived there, who happened to graduate a few years behind me. Anyway, I probably had a half dozen people say hi to me that I don't think I ever knew in high school. Granted, I was reasonably well known in high school because I was a big dork, and my name was out there for lots of academic type achievements and a shoddy driving record, not to mention my infamous term paper. (Though the term paper wouldn't have been infamous if I hadn't been a good student.) Having two siblings also helps, but still, kind of weird to have all these people come up and talk to me like they know me, just because we went to the same high school. Not that I'm complaining. Kyle Bertke was one guy who talked to me, and I don't remember meeting him ever, but I'm glad he did talk to me. Seems like a great guy (who obviously has done well with connections, having made it onto Homecoming Court, especially without being in the Greek system). Apparently I also missed seeing Katie Meeker, a girl I graduated with, who's family was in town (her younger brother John plays basketball for UC).

Third, and last since this is a rather lengthy post, my lack of school spirit shined through again. This was the first college homecoming I'd been to. Granted, the people who usually go are mainly those involved with the Greek system, but still, with as much fun as I had, there's definitely a part of me that wishes I'd been to a few more celebrations. I went to the first half of the football game, and I watched maybe 3 plays. I was there mainly to see who got King and Queen, since I knew most of the people up for court. I left after the crowning of the king and queen.

Ah well, was a great weekend . . . now I have to debate whether I should go down Thursday night and see what's going on for All Hallow's Eve . . .

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