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Allright, for the handful (or maybe even just half a handful) of people who read this page, I have a challenge. Pick three words to describe me. Sometime next week, I'll post my three words. I'm doing this since last night while I was strugling to sleep, I remember that this was one of the questions on the MIT application I didn't complete. I also think it's important to rank them in order of importance. So, for example, one might pick these three: funny, gregarious, and Jewish. Or perhaps male, perverted, and facetious. Or maybe dumb, dumber, dumbest. I think the order of the words could make a big difference, perhaps even more important than the selection of the words. And of course, the words that don't make it are also important.

Anyway, please comment - it should be interesting - and you can do it for yourself as well as for me. If you do it for yourself, I'll reply and post three words that I think describe you - warning though, I will not mince words when I do this. When you only have three words, the might not all be pleasent (i.e. I could see using insecure, doubting, bitchy, etc) Have at it!

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